Monday, October 20, 2014

Wings Over Houston Airshow

   The week end of Nov 1st and 2nd is going to be full of air power, when the CAF 30th Anniversay Wings over Houston Airshow is back in town. The US Navy Blue Angles will be the headliners of the show. Watching the Blue Angles is like watching a ballet with really big dancers who are just as nimble as the dancers with two legs.  "Fat Alber" the US Marine Corp C-130 Hercules Airlifter that is the support plane for the Blue Angles will be flying it's own solo performances demonstrating how nimble a 4 turboprop transport can be.

  The Air Force Heritage Flight performances of modern millitary aircraft flying with World War II, Korea or Vietman era fighters display USAF airpower history. It also honors the brave men and women who have and are currently serving in the United States Air Force. The Heritage Flight is flown by select civilian and military piolets who train together to learn the characterics and differences between modern jets and prop-driven warbirds. My Dad was in the Army Air Corp so this  is one of the things that I really want to see.
   You can learn more about what is going to be happening over the weekend and get  your tickets on line . You can also conect with the airshow on Twitter and on  Facebook.

   MoneySavingParent has a great giveaway going. Grand prize is a Pair of Eagle Squadron Sunday VIP tickets and a ride in a vintage aircraft (subject to restrictios). The plane ride is worth trying for so hurry over and give it a try. Who knows maybe you will be seeing the world from way up high.

Friday, August 1, 2014

School Days

It's hard to believe that school will be starting in a few short weeks. An education is so important and having the right supplies makes it so much easier.

Disclosure: I was provided $25 by our sponsor Ebates to purchase a backpack and school supplies. I was not compensated in any other way for this post. All opinions are my own. #givingbackpack #ebates.

There are some families that as hard as they try getting all of the school supplies that are required it is next to impossible. I was given the opportunity through Ebates to help out. I was given the challenge of getting a backpack and as many school supplies as possible for $25.
It has been a long time since I bought school supplies so where to start? I got a supply list for one of the schools in my district and got started. I decided to try to get all of the supplies a first grader would need. Then I decided match what I was given by Ebates and help 2 children.

First I checked the ads for sales. I got the following at Walmart:

2 - 24ct boxes of crayons $.25 each, 2 - 2pk erasers  $.50 each, 6 - spiral notebooks  $.25 each,
2 - pencil boxes  $.97 each and 2 headphones  $4.99.

At Office Depot I got 3 - 4pk Glue sticks $.25 each, 2 - 24ct boxes of crayons  $.25 each, 2 pair of 5" scissors  $.50 each  and 2 12ct boxes of wooden pencils  $1.00 each.

At Walgreens I hit the jackpot. I got 2 - 20ct boxes of wooden pencils  $.69 each, 2  - 12oz bottles of Purell  $1.99 each, 11 - 2 pocket folders  $.09 each, 1 - 1" 3ring notebook  $.69, 4 - large boxes of Facial Tissue $1.29 each and 2 back packs $2.99 each.

Other ways to save is look for coupons or shop on line for the supplies.  Ebates is where it pays to shop on line. Ebates is the pioneer and leader of cash back shopping. Ebates pays members cash back every time they shop online as well as provides them with the best coupons and deals online.Founded in 1998, Ebates Inc.'s websites have paid over $250 million in cash to its members. That is why millions of people have joined  Ebates.

Here is what I will be taking to my chosen school. I am going to help a child get a better education, how about you?

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Caramel Apples - Gourmet Apples & More Review

Disclosure: I received nothing for this review. I bought some of the apples and wanted to share my thoughts about the company. Be aware that your experience could even be better. 

A couple of weeks ago the Heart of Katy Craft Show took place at the high school in Katy, TX. I was driving by and had this sudden urge to stop and check it out. There were lots of booths selling jewelry, hand knitted and crochet blankets, wreaths, table runners and an assortment of clothes. As I walked around I saw many things that I liked but just not enough to buy. Then I came around a corner and there they were in all their glory. Chocolate covered caramel apples. Now I knew why I had the urge to stop. I had been there the year before and bought an apple. My taste buds remembered how heavenly it tasted.

The booth was operated by Gourmet Apples & More out of Grapevine, TX. They had a variety of  their chocolate covered caramel apples along with some of their chocolate covered pretzels. Needless to say they were busy. After much debate I bought a Traditional Gourmet Apple and a Plain Jane Gourmet Apple.  I am here to tell you I made great choices.
Plain Jane


They use tart Granny Smith apples and cover them with sweet caramel. As if this doesn't make them delicious enough they go one step further and covered them in chocolate. Then to add the cherry on top they put pecans, Heath bits, Butterfinger bits, M&Ms,apple pie spices and peanut butter chocolate to create the various flavors they have available.
They also have Chocolate popcorn, Chocolate covered pretzels, Dipped marshmallows, Krispie covered treats and an assortment of homemade pies. If you are looking for a different gift they have gift boxes in various sizes that have a sampling of the apples, popcorn and pretzel sticks.

You will be able to find Gourmet Apples & More at the following events.
  • Oct 12-13   Scarecrow Festival in Chapel Hill, TX
  • Nov 2-3      Carroll Senior High School in Southlake, TX
  • Nov 7-10    Nutcracker Market in Houston, TX
  • Nov 21-24   A Christmas Affair in Austin, TX
  • Dec 7           L D Bell High School in Hurst, TX
  • Dec 7          Merry Main Street in Frisco, TX
If you can't make any of these events Gourmet Apples & More has nationwide shipping available.
You can connect with Gourmet Apples & More on Facebook , Twitter and Printerest

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Eleven XI the place to be seen.

Disclosure: I would like to thank Lisa C for setting up the August Blog Free Houston & Beyond meet up at Eleven XI. We were able to sample some of their cuisine and some adult beverages.  All opinions of this experience are 100% mine. Your experience may be even better.

 Saturday night I went to the  ElevenXI Restaurant and Bar located at 607 W Gray Street here in Houston to meet up with some fellow bloggers. We were having the August meet up for Blog Free Houston & Beyond. Eleven XI is a new restaurant that serves a Southern Coastal Cuisine that includes quail, grilled oysters, steak, steamed Mussels, and of course no Southern menu would be complete without baby back ribs.
 If you like wine they have a list that seems to go on forever.

This is some of the items that we were able to sample. I usually stay away from pork selections because I normally wind up with the piece that is full of fat. I tried the Braised Pork Shank and be still my foolish heart it was absolutely the best. Lean juicy and the barbeque sauce was excellent. Although the Grilled Oysters looked good I didn't try them or the Mussels. The slaw was great, creamy not runny.

As for the adult beverage I started out safe and ordered a Margarita. Then I got brave and tried one of Eleven XI's Cherry Limeades. It was so good, not too strong, not too weak. Joe Eleven XI's mixologist is a wizard. He puts on a show as he mixes the drinks. I had a good time just watching him.

Eleven XI has a dog friendly patio so you can bring Fido and not have to worry about him eating the sofa while you are out. Or they have a private dinning area upstairs for large parties like oh maybe the company Christmas party.
Eleven XI is open Tuesday through Saturday for your dinning pleasure. I would definitely recommend Eleven XI as a place to go for a quite dinner or a good time with your buddies in the bar watching your favorite sports.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Smile'n Sam

I'm not so crazy about professional fighting but I am so proud of my "little" cousin "Smile'n" Sam Alvey.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Pedal, Sip, Pedal, Sip, Pedal, Gulp - Houston Pedal Party

 If someone invited you to a Pedal Party, would you roll your eyes and say a "what" party?  If that is the case then you have been missing out on a great way to meet up with friends and have lots of fun. Now what could be better than to be able to party and get in some exercise at the same time.

 Sunday night Pedal Party and Little Soya sponsored the Hello Houston Media Bloggers and Blog Free-Houston and Beyond 1st meet up. Like you I wondered what a Pedal Party was. Well there is this big vehicle about the size of a cargo van that 16 people ride on. How does it move you ask? Human Pedal Power of course.
As you can see adult beverages are allowed if they are in cans - no glass beverage containers allowed . It's a BYOB (bring your own beverage sorry no liquor) kind of party. There is a place for a keg if you are so inclined.You can bring snacks to munch on while you pedal also.
After you chose your spot (just a hint if you really would rather not be a peddler chose the bench on the back), your captain explains the rules - drinking is only allowed while seated on the vehicle or inside one of the bars that you chose to stop at, if something falls off yell "MAN OVERBOARD" and do not try to jump off to get it until we stop. One of the group is chosen to be the official bartender. Our enthusiastic bartender Alba from Independentmami and our talented captain Nate with Pedal Party kept us entertained all evening.

We made stops at Christian's TailgateThe Porch Swing Pub and Liberty Station on our adventure. This was one of several routes that you can chose from.

Just think about the possibilities - graduation party, bachelor/bachelorette party, birthday party, pre-game party or endless others. So you think you may want to try out a Pedal Party? Contact them at or call 832-429-6977 to make your reservation for your next party.

But wait  Pedal Party in their generosity has decided to giveaway a 2hr Pedal Party. So if you want a chance to win this awesome party all you have to do is use the rafflecopter below to entry. Good luck and happy pedaling.

 a Rafflecopter giveaway

Sunday, June 16, 2013

My Amos is Gone.

I lost my best friend this morning. We were best friends from the moment we met. It was like we were meant to be together, we just fit. He had the most beautiful dark brown eyes and soft blond hair. He was getting old and his blond hair was turning white. He had developed a hitch in his get-a-long but that comes with age. His eyes were starting to get cloudy. It got so I had to speak louder so he could heard me but he still met me at the door with that sloppy grin of his every time I came home. His was an unconditional love. His name was Amos Moses. He was my pound puppy. He was my Golden Retriever.

When we first met he was 2 years old. I had gone to the ASPCA to show a friend another dog that I had seen a couple of days earlier, but as fate would have it that dog was gone. We walked around just to see what other dogs were there. We came around a corner and there he was; sitting there in all of his golden magnificence. Talk about love at first sight, boy did I fall hard. I asked my friend to stay there and not let anyone else get him while I went to find someone to help us. I came back with one of the workers and she asked if I wanted to take him into one of their "met and greet" rooms or outside into one of the pens. We decided to go outside. He must have been holding it for hours because you could almost hear the sigh of relief when he finally put him leg down. There were 3 of us out there with him the lady from the ASPCA, my friend and me. He looked at all 3 of us and came to sit by my side. I asked the lady to fill out the paperwork because this boy was going home with me. 

He was mine in every sense of the word from that day on. But not mine as in owned, mine as in he was my friend who was there whenever I needed a shoulder to lean on. He would come into the bedroom every night to say goodnight. I would pet him and tell him what a good dog he was. He had me trained well. After he got enough ear rubbing he would go out into the living room to sleep. I fell one time at work and hit the back of my head. When I came home he hovered over me for 3 days before he was satisfied that I was going to be alright. I could not take a step without him being right there and it was a good thing because there were a couple of times I stood up to fast and was dizzy. But there he was for me to lean on to get my balance.

He loved everyone he ever met but there was never a doubt in anyone's mind that his heart belonged to me.
I miss him so much. Everyone wants to know if I am going to get another dog but I just tell them not yet. I know I will offend some people but the hurt I feel losing Amos is no less than the hurt of losing a human friend. I believe he is in heaven with all of my friends and relatives that have passed away loving them as he loved everyone he met here on earth.