Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Well I volunteered to help at one of the rest stops for the MS150 bike ride this last weekend. Because of the downpour on Friday the overnight stop was too flooded to be used so the first leg of the ride (Saturday) was cancelled. Now I did hear this on the news but for some reason it did not sink in so I got up and went to the rest stop that I was assigned to. No other workers were there. There were some bike riders but no workers. When it finally sunk in that what I had heard on the news was right, I checked with a friend (called and woke her up) and decided to go home. After I sat there a while I decided to go and check out my regular Target to see if they had some of the stuff I had bought the night before at a different one. Thus started my shopping spree. I went to Target, Micheals, and Garden Ridge. I didn't find too much at Target but OH BOY did the other two have some great stuff. I now have almost all of my Christmas shopping done for all 19 great neices and nephews. I got stuff that the kids will just love. Their's moms not so much but hey Christmas is for the kids right?
Hopefully the next time I volunteer for something it works out because I can't afford all this shopping.

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