Saturday, August 1, 2009

Fast Food....Right

Last night I left work late and was starving. I stopped at a "fast food joint" to get something to eat. I went through the drive through. I decided that the Hearty Breakfast Bowl sounded good so when I got to the speaker that is what I ordered. I also ordered a Tropical Smoothie. The girl taking the orders said what? After I repeated my order 4 times and she still couldn't get it straight, I said just never mind and left.
Now lets go back just a little, I forgot to say the when I arrived at this establishment the only other customer was the car in front of me. So her being overly busy was not the reason she couldn't figure out what I was ordering. I have worked in a fast food restaurant and I KNOW it isn't that hard even if you are busy. It DOES NOT TAKE A DEGREE FROM YALE to do this job.
I really don't know why I go back to this place because they have the worst service and never get your order right. Maybe just maybe this time I have learned my lesson and will find another place.

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