Friday, September 11, 2009


I can remember when I was a kid my great grandma would come over to our house and was our best playmate. She was always willing to come out side with us no matter how many mosquitos there were. She would be in the house talking and we would stand at the back door yelling for her to come on. She told us she would be out in 2 wiggles of a bunny's tail. We had rabbits at the time so we went out to the cage and watched those rabbits. As soon as one of them wiggled it's tail twice we were on our way back to the door to tell her. She would come out and we would make sand pies in the sand box.
My parents would take us over to her house to stay overnight sometimes. She had a built in cabinet with books and games that we allowed to play with after supper. She had an old platform rocker that she would sit in with us kids on the floor around her feet. She would read stories like Black Beauty to us. Everyday I thank God for Grandparents, because who is going to teach the up and coming generations how to survive in this world.

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  1. aww, love the bunny tale story!
    my kids are fortunate to have their grandparents close.