Sunday, January 31, 2010

Furry Furniture

Got that "Furry Furniture" thing going on at your house? Everytime you move you have dog or cat hair clinging to your clothes. Jolly Mom has a solution. She is hosting a giveaway for a FURminator. This handy dandy gadget is a brush that works.
My vet used one on my Golden and you could have knitted a blanket from the fur they got off of him. It does work. Her giveaway ends 2/12.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Giveaways Around The Blogsphere

Win a HP PhotoSmart Premium TouchSmart Web Multifunction Printer/Copier/Scanner/Fax from Real Life. This giveaway ends on Feburary 6.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Let the Winning Begin

Win a Charm Factory bracelet and 8 charms at Simply Stacie. This giveaway ends 1/22/2010.

When someone mentions a sundial what do you think of? That old pile of stones in Granny's backyard? Well a sundial is a really old method of telling time that has been around for centuries. Audrey at Audrey's Giveaways found Shepherd's Watches a site that has brought the Sundial back. They have sundial necklaces that really work and Audrey's Giveaways has one for you to win. This giveaway ends 1/31/2010.

Most babies and kids love mobiles and most homes have ceiling fans, so why not put them together to make a great mobile for your kids (one you don't have to continually rewind). Well one clever mom has done that and Fandangling is the result. Carrie at Growing a Baby in Seattle Reviews has a giveaway in which you can pick your own Fandangling set when you win.
This giveaway ends 2/3/2010.

Here is another chance to win a Charm Factory bracelet with 8 charms. Made in Canarias is hosting this giveaway that ends 1/21/2101.