Sunday, January 10, 2010

Let the Winning Begin

Win a Charm Factory bracelet and 8 charms at Simply Stacie. This giveaway ends 1/22/2010.

When someone mentions a sundial what do you think of? That old pile of stones in Granny's backyard? Well a sundial is a really old method of telling time that has been around for centuries. Audrey at Audrey's Giveaways found Shepherd's Watches a site that has brought the Sundial back. They have sundial necklaces that really work and Audrey's Giveaways has one for you to win. This giveaway ends 1/31/2010.

Most babies and kids love mobiles and most homes have ceiling fans, so why not put them together to make a great mobile for your kids (one you don't have to continually rewind). Well one clever mom has done that and Fandangling is the result. Carrie at Growing a Baby in Seattle Reviews has a giveaway in which you can pick your own Fandangling set when you win.
This giveaway ends 2/3/2010.

Here is another chance to win a Charm Factory bracelet with 8 charms. Made in Canarias is hosting this giveaway that ends 1/21/2101.

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