Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day Everyday

Today is Earth Day. The day everyone professes to be "living green". When I see all the free stuff that is being given away for Earth Day I wonder if we are really know what Earth Day is. It's a day set aside to make us aware of the damage we are doing to the world we live in and what we must do to stop the damage. It seems like a lot of people only see it as a day they can get lots of "free" stuff.

Now I am not opposed to free stuff but I think we need to think about what kind of future we are leaving for our children.

Earth Day is a good thing because it does bring awareness but I believe we should try to carry the idea with us everyday. Reusable bags became a hot item last year, but how many of us still use them? I try to use them but must confess there are days I jump out of the truck and don't bother to grab them. I do keep them in the truck so the old I left them at home excuse doesn't fly. I just have to work harder on using them instead of getting the plastic bags that the stores have.

As my light bulbs burn out I am switching them for the CFL bulbs, so that is one good thing I am doing. I read that if every American replaced just 1 incandescent light bulb with a CFL bulb we would save enough energy to light more than 3 million homes a year. Now that is impressive. As I have to replace appliances I will only consider "Energy Star". I have planted some fruit trees that now are helping clean the air. I am planting a garden and will be freezing what I can out of it.

As I drive to work I see fields that used to have lots of trees in them totally bare.They are being cleared to build new homes. I understand the need for more homes but someone needs to think about what those trees do for the air quality. I sure don't want my kids to have to wear a gas mask to be able to play outside because the air is so bad. I want my kids to be able to go outside without checking some site to see if the air is breathable today.

If you don't like the taste of or are afraid of what might be in your tap water, buy a PUR or a Brita water pitcher. They both work really well and will save the landfills from the milliions of plastic water bottles we insist on buying. Brita has a filter that you can install on your tap. Everyone rants and raves how wonderful and pure bottled water is when in reality it come from the same ground supply as your tap water. It just gets filtered better.

We all need to carry the Earth Day mentality with us everyday not just on April 22 because if we don't the day will come that there is no Earth to try to save.

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