Tuesday, August 24, 2010

5 Favorite Family Times

Because we want the kids to learn to use their imagination we don't always plunk them down in front of the TV or the Wii to keep them busy. Here are 5 things that we have done as a family.
1) We got several very large sheets of corrugated box material and built a house inside our house. We cut out windows and doors. We actually made it big enough that there were rooms inside. You had to go through the inside house to get from the living room to the kitchen. We ate meals in the house and let the kids sleep there overnight.
We left it up for about a week and you have never seen such long faces when it finally had to come down.
2) We have taken old sheets and hung them across the clotheslines to make a tent for the kids to play in.
3) We have them take turns at bedtime reading a story to the family.
4) We have movie night and they take turns picking the movie we watch and the snack that we will have.
5) Sometimes we just decide to go for a walk, just to see what we can find. I make a list of flowers, trees, animals, and bugs for them to look for and who ever finds the most gets to stay up a little longer than the others.

What do you do with your family to create family time?

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  1. Great to read! I love to know that the whole world is not growing up in front of "the tube". Summers are much easier for us to find great things to do...so many, many outings to choose from. And almost all are free or extremely inexpensive.
    A winter picnic in the living room is kind of fun. Certainly not what the kids expect, so they find that a real treat. They set up their toys to play store or grocery shop. Just today the girls put on fancy dresses, pulled out a long sheet of paper for a red carpet and practiced their talents while walking the runway. Too funny to hear my oldest remind our little one to "smile and wave, smile and wave."