Tuesday, August 17, 2010

5 Important Lessons

What 5 important lessons have you been teaching your children as they are growing up? Don't talk to strangers? Say please and thank you? Treat everyone with respect? These are just a few of the many lessons our parents taught us and that we are or should be teaching our children. Here are my 5.
1) Don't talk to strangers. With the way the world is today this is possibly the most important lesson you can teach your child. Don't talk to anyone you don't know unless your mommy or daddy are with you. Don't get in a car or go with a stranger unless your mommy or daddy are with you. You don't want to have a child that is afraid of everyone and everything but you do what a child that is cautious.
2) Be polite. Say please if you want something and say thank you if someone gives you something. Also say your welcome if someone thanks you. I don't know how many times I have thanked someone and there is no acknowledgment.
3) Never approach a strange animal. You never know how friendly or frightened an animal may be. If they are hurt or frightened you could get bit or worse.
4) Save part of your money. It's never too soon to teach a child to save. Even if it is only pennies. Get them a bank of some kind and help them learn to put part of the money they receive into the bank knowing that once it is in the bank they can't take it out.
5) Never be afraid to come to Mommy or Daddy with any concerns or problems. Someone is bullying you. You did something you know is wrong. You may get in trouble but know that no matter what you do we love you and will be there for you.

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