Sunday, June 16, 2013

My Amos is Gone.

I lost my best friend this morning. We were best friends from the moment we met. It was like we were meant to be together, we just fit. He had the most beautiful dark brown eyes and soft blond hair. He was getting old and his blond hair was turning white. He had developed a hitch in his get-a-long but that comes with age. His eyes were starting to get cloudy. It got so I had to speak louder so he could heard me but he still met me at the door with that sloppy grin of his every time I came home. His was an unconditional love. His name was Amos Moses. He was my pound puppy. He was my Golden Retriever.

When we first met he was 2 years old. I had gone to the ASPCA to show a friend another dog that I had seen a couple of days earlier, but as fate would have it that dog was gone. We walked around just to see what other dogs were there. We came around a corner and there he was; sitting there in all of his golden magnificence. Talk about love at first sight, boy did I fall hard. I asked my friend to stay there and not let anyone else get him while I went to find someone to help us. I came back with one of the workers and she asked if I wanted to take him into one of their "met and greet" rooms or outside into one of the pens. We decided to go outside. He must have been holding it for hours because you could almost hear the sigh of relief when he finally put him leg down. There were 3 of us out there with him the lady from the ASPCA, my friend and me. He looked at all 3 of us and came to sit by my side. I asked the lady to fill out the paperwork because this boy was going home with me. 

He was mine in every sense of the word from that day on. But not mine as in owned, mine as in he was my friend who was there whenever I needed a shoulder to lean on. He would come into the bedroom every night to say goodnight. I would pet him and tell him what a good dog he was. He had me trained well. After he got enough ear rubbing he would go out into the living room to sleep. I fell one time at work and hit the back of my head. When I came home he hovered over me for 3 days before he was satisfied that I was going to be alright. I could not take a step without him being right there and it was a good thing because there were a couple of times I stood up to fast and was dizzy. But there he was for me to lean on to get my balance.

He loved everyone he ever met but there was never a doubt in anyone's mind that his heart belonged to me.
I miss him so much. Everyone wants to know if I am going to get another dog but I just tell them not yet. I know I will offend some people but the hurt I feel losing Amos is no less than the hurt of losing a human friend. I believe he is in heaven with all of my friends and relatives that have passed away loving them as he loved everyone he met here on earth.


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