Monday, October 20, 2014

Wings Over Houston Airshow

   The week end of Nov 1st and 2nd is going to be full of air power, when the CAF 30th Anniversay Wings over Houston Airshow is back in town. The US Navy Blue Angles will be the headliners of the show. Watching the Blue Angles is like watching a ballet with really big dancers who are just as nimble as the dancers with two legs.  "Fat Alber" the US Marine Corp C-130 Hercules Airlifter that is the support plane for the Blue Angles will be flying it's own solo performances demonstrating how nimble a 4 turboprop transport can be.

  The Air Force Heritage Flight performances of modern millitary aircraft flying with World War II, Korea or Vietman era fighters display USAF airpower history. It also honors the brave men and women who have and are currently serving in the United States Air Force. The Heritage Flight is flown by select civilian and military piolets who train together to learn the characterics and differences between modern jets and prop-driven warbirds. My Dad was in the Army Air Corp so this  is one of the things that I really want to see.
   You can learn more about what is going to be happening over the weekend and get  your tickets on line . You can also conect with the airshow on Twitter and on  Facebook.

   MoneySavingParent has a great giveaway going. Grand prize is a Pair of Eagle Squadron Sunday VIP tickets and a ride in a vintage aircraft (subject to restrictios). The plane ride is worth trying for so hurry over and give it a try. Who knows maybe you will be seeing the world from way up high.